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Bulletin of Mariupol State University
Series: Philology
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Selection and peer-review of original scientific papers for publication in the volumes of the academic journal «Vìsnik Marìupolʹsʹkogo deržavnogo unìversitetu. Serìâ: Fìlologìâ» («Bulletin of Mariupol State University. Series: Philology»)

To ensure proper academic level of publications in the volumes of the «Vìsnik Marìupolʹsʹkogo deržavnogo unìversitetu. Serìâ: Fìlologìâ» («Bulletin of Mariupol State University. Series: Philology») (hereinafter – Vìsnik) the submitted manuscripts are reviewed by the Editorial Board, in the following order:

• verification of compliance with the submission requirements and manuscript registration;
• preliminary review of the manuscript and sending it for consideration to the members of the Editorial Board or the expert group;
• manuscript review (minimum term 5 days, maximum term 21 days) and, if any comments, sending back to the authors for revision and correction;
• compiling the papers that have been revised and corrected by the authors, peer-reviewed and finally approved by the editor-in-chief to create the next journal issue;
• issue editing and printing by the publishing house of Mariupol State University.

1. Verification of compliance with the requirements for paper submission includes manuscript conformity to the technical requirements set by the journal's Editorial Board.
2. Preliminary review of the manuscript is carried out by the Executive Editor of the journal and in case of positive assessment the manuscript is sent to the anonymous peer reviewer or to an expert or a group of experts within the allotted period (5-21 days).
3. After reviewing the scientific content of the manuscript an expert opinion is drawn up in the prescribed form and is sent for consideration to the Editor-in-Chief.
4. In case of positive expert opinion and compliance with the requirements for the manuscript format, the Editorial Board makes a decision to include the publication into the next issue of the journal. The author will be informed about the decision.
5. If the paper does not meet the requirements or/and reviewers’ comments need to be addressed, the Editorial Board sends the manuscript back for revision and correction.
6. The next issue of the Vìsnik is comprised of revised and peer-reviewed papers signed by the Editor-in-Chief after being approved by the Academic Board of the University.

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